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How to Write an Engaging Video Script for YouTube

When you make a YouTube video, you would find a lot of advice online about the best equipment to use, the best strategy to create thumbnails, planning your shooting location, etc. But while all that helps, the most important part of your video is still the content you deliver. And without a solid video script, you wouldn’t be able to keep your viewers engaged.

So how would you write an engaging video script for YouTube videos that is engaging to your viewers?

Here’s a simple structure you can use.

1) Start With The Hook

There are many theories about how long an average human being’s attention span is nowadays (it is said to be about 15 seconds and going down further). But there is no doubt that hooking your viewer and grabbing their attention is a crucial first part of your video script.

You can use flashy graphics and animations, but what you could really do is give the context of your video. You could do this by directly telling the viewer what you’re going to talk about in your video, or asking them a question related to your topic.

Your viewers would probably reach your video by searching using a keyword or a question. Your intro hook would tell them that they’re in the right place.

2) Introduce yourself

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Once your viewers are hooked, add a quick introduction of yourself and layout your video content. Tell them about who you are, your company, or your brand – give them an idea of whom they’re listening to. Then, tell them how you’re going to roll out the content of the video, so that you set the expectations right.

3) Deliver your content

Now we come to the actual content of the video. Present your content logically, in a manner that makes it easy for your viewer to follow along. You’ve already set the expectation for your viewers above. Here, you just follow the path.

Some of your viewers may already be familiar with a part of the content you are presenting. Since you laid out your content to them, they may find that there are a few sections in your video where they’ll learn something new, so they’ll hang around for those sections of your video.

4) Add a bonus

Nothing beats over-delivering on your promise. Once you’ve finished delivering your content, add an additional bonus tip or two that will help your viewers. You do not need to drag this out into a lengthy part – just give them a quick short input that will help them with your content.

As an example, if your video is about how to set up your own vegetable garden at your home, a few money-saving tips such as using kitchen scraps for nutrients and finding cheap gardening tools will help your viewers.

5) Add a Call to action

Once you’ve delivered the content, what next?

You can link your viewers to your main call-to-action here. Do you want to increase your viewership engagement? Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel, leave a comment, or like. Do you want them to come to your website or opt-in to get free content? Leave a link in the description and ask them to click on it. Are you promoting or selling a product? Leave the payment link or link to the sales page in the description and guide your viewers accordingly.

That’s it… just follow the simple structure above when you write your video script, and you can easily create engaging content for your viewers.

A few bonus tips:

1) Asking your viewers to stick around for the bonus tips in your initial hook will help your viewers to look forward to it.

2) You can strategically place many call-to-actions throughout the video. But your main call-to-action is best presented at the end of the script.

3) Make sure that you include your targeted keyword in your script. YouTube does “listen” to your audio and understands the words spoken in the video (think of how far speech-to-text and text-to-speech technologies have come nowadays). If you speak your target keyword, you’ll have a greater chance of getting ranked higher.

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