7 Effective E mail Marketing Strategies You Must Know - 7 Effective E-mail Marketing Strategies You Must Know In 2020
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7 Effective E-mail Marketing Strategies You Must Know In 2020

Around 1970, the world’s first email was sent by Ray Tomlinson, which marked the dawn of the modern communication era.

A few years later, Gary Thuerk from Digital Equipment Corporation, sent the first business email. That’s where the new age email marketing campaigns started.

You may argue that there are many new effective ways other than email marketing to reach out to consumers.

Yes, you’re right, but still, there is no other marketing channel than the email that has survived through decades and stayed relevant to the current trend of consumers. Email marketing has not merely survived; it still proves to be the potential marketing channel in terms of Return Of Investment (ROI) for every dollar spent on it.

Do you know?

According to a study from SocialTwist, email marketing has a more social influence to convert new customers than Facebook and Twitter.

Though we have data points to prove its strength, it’s essential to accept the bitter truth that our inboxes are inundated by promotional emails every day. It feels spammed, but that doesn’t negate the fact that a well-crafted email is a direct and productive way of connecting with your leads and persuade them to be your customer.

Don’t think that just because you have a list of subscribers and email content, you can get the maximum benefit of email marketing campaigns. Without a proper strategy, you may end up wasting time and resources over and over.

In this article, let’s look at seven email marketing strategies that best suit any business.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a highly powerful digital marketing method to communicate with your subscribers. This method is time-tested, and with the right pitch, you can convert subscribers into first-time users and make your existing users part of your loyal customer base. Having said that, you will have a question – why email marketing an effective way to nurture business leads when having popular social media platforms?

Why Email Marketing?

We all have seen the surge in the userbase of different social media and experienced that all our mailbox is spammed by promotional emails you haven’t subscribed to (It is not recommended as a suitable marketing method).

It shouldn’t blindside you from considering email marketing as an effective business solution for lead conversion.

Here are the key reasons why email marketing should be in your top priority list.

Having your own subscribers’ list

Unlike any other medium, you own your subscribers’ list.

Social media platforms like Facebook have complete control over the accounts on them. One’s account can be deactivated or suspended by the platform owners arbitrarily on any social media platform. It doesn’t happen to your email marketing at any cost. You completely own your leads. (Yes, an e-mail service provider can still ban your account for whatever reason, but you have an option to export your leads and move to a new email service provider).

Emails have a high conversion rate

There is a high possibility that products can be marketed easily and have a conversion rate of 138% more than those who don’t receive email offers. Email improves sales after-sales.

Now, you are clear that email marketing works, but how to get started with it is a huge question. Let’s answer it.

1) Set up Opt-in Forms

First, source the potential leads and grow your email list. Set up opt-in forms on your business site.

Email Marketing Strategies - Set up Opt-in forms - Wireplugged

In that process, the most common mistake one does during the creation of an email list is to simply create a form in the site and wait for users to sign up for emailers. It doesn’t work like that.

As a business, you need to provide compelling offers that will entice your users to provide their email ID. It is called a lead magnet.

Lead magnets are some offers or giveaways given to users in exchange for their email addresses.

These giveaways don’t have to be something that costs you money. It is most often an insightful guide, a case study, free consultation, or a much-needed guide that will make your audience implement and check the results by themselves.

Make sure your lead magnets are not just another clickbait. It will affect your site negatively.

How to create a visually appealing opt-in form?

  • Catchy Headlines On The Top
  • Supportive Description To Make A Point
  • Visually Attractive And Relevant Image
  • A Minimalistic Form (Ask less than three pieces of information)
  • Compelling Subscribe Button.

Once the form is created, the next step is to display in the right placement area to maximize the conversion.

The next thing you need to choose is the right email marketing service provider.

Some of the existing service providers are:

* The above are not affiliate links

Each email service provider has a different set of offers as a free service and has a paid premium service.

If you’re just starting off, you could try MailJam which gives you almost all the features of a traditional service provider without the monthly cost overhead. Check out my review here.

Once you have set up all the above, you are ready to build your emailers’ list and start making sales.

2) Email Segmentation

Now, you have a good knowledge of gathering an email list, but just having an email list and bombarding every subscriber with email and newsletter will not bring your much-required conversion.

Email Marketing Strategies - List segmentation - Wireplugged

To result in high conversion, it is necessary to segment them into smaller groups based on specific criteria. Segmenting has proven to increase email open rates, boost click-through rates, etc.

Some of the factors you can consider for segmentation are:

  • Recent subscribers
  • Open rates and regular readers
  • Inactive subscribers
  • Subscribers through lead magnets
  • Interest-specific subscriber
  • Location-specific subscriber

There are a lot of factors that one needs to consider to improve the click-through rate of each email you send.

3) Avoid Getting Into Spam Folder

Email Marketing Strategies - Avoid getting into the spam folder - Wireplugged

As we discussed, it’s always good to send your email or newsletter to only those who opted in to receive your communications.

It will increase the delivery rates of mail you prepared to send.

  • Make sure your email list only has people who opt-in for your information.
  • Avoid setting up click-baits.
  • Always send emails through verified domains and a clean IP address.
  • Don’t push your mailer way too much as a sales pitch buy using trigger words buy now, sale in ending, etc.
  • Make sure it’s easy for subscribers to opt-out if they want to.

4) Daily On-Time Emails

You are doing all the necessary things to get emails delivered to the potential lead. But until your subscribers open and read it, there is no way you can get the result which you are aiming for.

Email Marketing Strategies - Daily on-time Emails - Wireplugged

So, you need to understand that not all mails are the same. Each business has a different period. The financial newsletter has to be sent in the morning hours, and some promotional mailer has to be sent by evening. The timing of your e-mails has a significant impact on whether your email is opened or not.

5) Create A Catchy Subject Line

A right subject line is the first thing a user sees and decides whether to open a mail or not.

Email Marketing Strategies - Create a Catchy Subject Line - Wireplugged

It is essential to ensure your subject line stands out from the rest. Use a friendly tone and speak in the language your visitors talk to their friends.

How much ever complicated the subject is, you need to convey it in simple terms so that they won’t feel overwhelmed.

6) Mobile-friendly Emails

Make sure you optimize every email you send for the mobile user base. As more and more people are engaging in smartphones to perform any task, it is imperative to be mobile-friendly.

email marketing strategies mobile friendly emails - 7 Effective E-mail Marketing Strategies You Must Know In 2020

Mobile-friendly content must be made with low pixel images and larger fonts, which helps to load faster and has better readability.

Worry not, this is not difficult nowadays. Most of the email service providers today have email templates that are optimized for mobile viewing.

7) Complete Email Automation

With the growing subscriber base and segmentation of the mail list, it is necessary to develop an email automation process to schedule and send your emails on time regularly.

Email Marketing Strategies - Complete Email Automation - Wireplugged

Automation should be done for each section, not just only in scheduling and sending emailers. Enabling autoresponders is an excellent way to send a sequence of emails and build relationships with prospective customers.


Now that you know the key things that have to be done to cater to the broader subscriber base. Make sure to keep your mail to the point and use your emails to build a relationship with your audience. A well-planned email sequence brings in a lot of users and also drives more revenue for your business. With following those strategies, you are on your way to make the most out of your email marketing strategy. Act now!

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